Vasco de Bongo, also called King Vasco and sometimes simply the Monkey King, is the king of the Monkey Kingdom.


Vasco de Bongo is a monkey of fairly realistic proportions. He has brown fur, and he wears a morion and an armor breastplate.


Vasco de Bongo is friendly towards the ClueFinders. He is very worried about the return of Mathra. He is too scared to cross the Rings of Fire to retrieve part of the key, but he tries to hide it by making up a lie about spraining his tail.

Role in the GameEdit

When the ClueFinders the enter the Monkey Kingdom, Vasco de Bongo is the first resident they encounter. He introduces himself as the king of the monkeystadors and quickly requests the ClueFinders' help in stopping Mathra. He tells them how they can find one half of the key that opens the gate to the Lost City.


  • Vasco de Bongo and his kingdom are loosely based on the Spanish conquistadors (which monkeystadors is a play of words on). His name may be based on similarly named conquistadors, such as Vasco de Balboa.
  • Vasco de Bongo is briefly mentioned in The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid. If the player clicks on the ClueFinders during the World Exports activity, Santiago will wonder what time it is in Numeria, and Leslie will suggest that they could mail something to Vasco de Bongo.