The ClueFinders Real World Adventure Kit is a computer game released in 2000.

It was included as a bonus disc with re-releases of other ClueFinders titles, such as Math Adventures, Search and Solve Adventures, and The ClueFinders 3rd-6th Grade series.


In the game, the player is presented with a kit that offers a mapmaker, adventure logbook, encoder/decoder, money tracker, club kit for setting up personal clubs, and a sound transformer that allows players to use their own voice (microphone required).

Rather than being based around school curriculum like most of the other ClueFinders games, the activities in the Real World Adventure Kit are either designed to be entertaining, or to teach skills having to do with leadership, friendship, and other moral values.





British VersionEdit

  • Justin Fletcher - LapTrap
  • Louise Marie Morris - Joni Savage
  • Robin McGrorty - Owen Lam
  • Lizzie Sigrist - Leslie Clark
  • Rhys Swinburn - Santiago Rivera

American VersionEdit

  • Keoni Asia Gist - Leslie Clark
  • Brian Gregory - Owen Lam
  • Les Hedger - LapTrap
  • Chrissie McCarron - Joni Savage
  • Clayton Stroope - Santiago Rivera



Trivia Edit

  • This is the last game overall to feature the original voice cast
  • This game appears to be set in a separate continuity from the rest of the series, as several details are incongruous with events that happened in the series (for example, Alistair Loveless was not the primary antagonist in The Mystery of Mathra, but in the flashback to that game as shown here, he was)