The ClueFinders: Mystery Mansion Arcade is a computer game released in 2002. It is the last game release in the ClueFinders series.

It was included as a bonus disc with rereleases of all of the previous ClueFinders titles.


The ClueFinders are lured into a mysterious mansion when Joni receives what seems to be an email from her uncle, Dr. Horace Pythagoras, asking the ClueFinders for help. The email turns out to be fake, and the ClueFinders discover that four villains they had previously encountered received help from an unknown source, and they intend to trap the ClueFinders in the mansion. Each of the four villains, Fletcher Q. Limburger, Alistair Loveless III, Pericles Lear, and Ms. Rose, have a trap designed specifically for one of the four ClueFinders. The villains operate from the Control Room, where all the traps can be viewed via monitors and controlled with computers.

Joni's challenge is the only one that can't be completed alone, so the other ClueFinders have to beat their challenges and collect special powers along the way to help Joni beat the final challenge and best the villains (and uncover the identity of the mastermind behind it all).


Unlike the other ClueFinders titles, Mystery Mansion Arcade focuses more on arcade-style gameplay rather than teaching school curriculum or logic skills. There are four activities, one for each ClueFinder aside from LapTrap. Each activity has a different set of controls, which are used to direct the ClueFinders. Each activity also contains one unique power-up for each ClueFinder that can be collected. The power-ups are only used in Joni's activity, and each power-up works against certain obstacles.



  • Christiane Crawford - Carmen Sandiego
  • Les Hedger - LapTrap
  • Jeff Kramer - Fletcher Q. Limburger
  • Charles Martinet - Alistair Loveless, Pericles Lear
  • Nikki Rapp - Joni Savage
  • Sara Real - Leslie Clark
  • Shaun Smith - Owen Lam
  • Juliet Tibbetts - Santiago Rivera
  • Willow Wray - Ms. Rose