Taxini is a bug who lives on the sixth floor of the Ultimate Toys store.


Taxini is has a round brown body with yellow wings, red arms, a light cream-colored face, and brown eyes. He wears a yellow cap and white gloves on each of his six hands. He has a bit of light brown hair that hangs down around each side of his head.


Taxini is very friendly and helpful. He takes great joy in his job as a taxi bug. He constantly sings with an operatic voice, and he has an Italian accent and sometimes uses Italian words in his speech.

Role in the GameEdit

Joni, Owen and Laptrap encounter Taxini after escaping from a cat loose on the sixth floor of Ultimate Toys. The trio explains that they want to get across the toy boat pond to retrieve some string from the marina. Taxini gladly offers to help them and says that they can pay him by collecting his practice lyric sheets, which were torn up and thrown into the pond by some kid.