Spit Spot is a resident of the Goo Lagoon.


Spit Spot resembles a large split log, with her eyes and mouth being comprised of smaller split logs. She has branches coming out her back that holds up a long rectangular dark red bus, which has a row of seats in front numbered one through five. She also has a cluster of purple flowers on top of her head.

Role In the GameEdit

The ClueFinders encounter Spit Spot while exploring the Goo Lagoon. She is ready to give a ride to a bunch of worms, but she needs help getting them in their proper seats according to the instructions inscribed on a sign. If the ClueFinders can put the worms in the correct places, she will reward them with a green bag of Goo Beetles.


  • Spit Spot's name may be based on the phrase "spit spot", which means something along the lines of "hurry up" or "come on".
  • Spit Spot's appearance may be somewhat based on that of double-decker buses.