Professor Botch is an Egyptologist who is a friend and mentor to the ClueFinders.


Professor Botch is a short, portly man with balding yellow hair. He wears pince-nez glasses, a tan button-up dress shirt over a green shirt, a brown tie, tan shorts, brown socks, and dark brown shoes.


Professor Botch is cheerful and sometimes eccentric, though well-meaning. He is quite knowledgeable about ancient Egypt, and sees to it that ancient Egyptian artifacts are treated with care and respect. Even when he is held prisoner by Alistair Loveless, he remains relatively upbeat and is even quite polite to his captor.

Role in the GamesEdit

The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the PyramidEdit

The ClueFinders volunteer to help Professor Botch with the opening of a newly discovered tomb belonging to the pharaoh Perabsen. After Professor Botch opens the tomb, he bids goodbye to the ClueFinders, saying that they can come back to help some other time. While Professor Botch stays in the tomb to do some more research, he is suddenly confronted by Alistair Loveless III, who orders his thugs to kidnap Professor Botch and raid the tomb. When the ClueFinders learn of Professor Botch's abduction, they set out to rescue him.

After Loveless imprisons Professor Botch, he interrogates him about the whereabouts of Perabsen's ring. When Professor Botch learns of Loveless' plan to resurrect Seth, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, he becomes very concerned, and he doubts that Loveless is capable of controlling such a power.

After the ClueFinders defeat Seth and Loveless, they rescue Professor Botch. Later, Professor Botch is seen aboard a plane with the ClueFinders leaving Egypt.

The ClueFinders Real World Adventure KitEdit

Professor Botch appears in an account from LapTrap. LapTrap says that the ClueFinders once helped a paleontologist find dinosaur bones in the Sahara Desert. Professor Botch appears as the paleontologist in LapTrap's story.


  • Professor Botch is possibly a parody of Marcus Brody from Indiana Jones.