Millennia is a far-off planet that is the setting for The ClueFinders Reading Adventures Ages 9-12: Mystery of the Missing Amulet.

Geography and DemographyEdit

From a distance, Millennia appears to be mostly rocky with purple swirling clouds obscuring much of the planet. There are three suns that can be seen from Millennia, and the planet has two moons. There are many mountainous regions, volcanoes, caverns, and crystals on the planet's surface. During the ClueFinders' quest, they visit three subareas inside of Millennia: the Crystal Caverns, the Mystic Mountains, and Mount Valdrok.

Millennia is largely inhabited by two species, the Doldreks and the Sorrens, although there are other types of inhabitants as well, many of which are sentient statues. The written passages in some of the activities also mention a variety of other creatures and plants found on the planet, at least in the past.

Since the ClueFinders are able to breathe and move normally while on Millennia, it could be assumed that the planet has a similar atmosphere and gravity as Earth.


Seen in the Game

Not seen, only mentioned in passages

  • Voltan
  • Largoff
  • Tamaltex
  • Narnoks
  • Bilboor beasts
  • Flumpum
  • Poisonous eels
  • Torlok bird
  • Wordrak worms

In the GamesEdit

The ClueFinders Reading AdventuresEdit

The ClueFinders are transported to Millennia after investigating a meteor crash in the Sierra Mountains. Santiago and Leslie are captured by the evil sorceress Malicia, and Joni, Owen, and LapTrap must explore the planet and collect clues from its inhabitants to save their friends and defeat Malicia.

The ClueFinders Real World Adventure KitEdit

Millennia is briefly shown in a sequence where Leslie talks about how the ClueFinders once traveled to another planet.


  • A "millennium" is a period of a thousand years, which "millennia" is a plural of. The term "millennia" is sometimes used to describe the hypothesized time that it would take to travel between planets. This is likely what the planet's name is derived from.