Cfmath logic cube

The Logic Cube is a special feature of Laptrap which is exclusive to The ClueFinders Math Adventures Ages 9–12: Mystery in the Himalayas.


The Logic Cube is an 8x8x8 virtual cube that is used to help find missing treasures. The Logic Cube stores clues that are collected from completing activities around the Himalayan Village. Clues collected will fall into one of three categories: objects, suspects, and locations. This information is used to deduce three points about the mystery of the missing treasures: which treasure was taken, who took it, and where did they hide it.

The Logic Cube serves as a visual guide for organizing information, as well as aiding the player in the process of elimination. The blocks in the Logic Cube show every possible combination of objects, suspects, and locations that can appear in a single case. The player can click on the tabs located on the sides of the cube to select a set of cubes and remove them. The player must narrow down the possibilities until they have only one object, suspect and location selected. At this point, only one block should remain in the Logic Cube, its three visible sides displaying that object, suspect, and location. The player can only choose to solve the case with by pressing the Accuse button when there is one block remaining in the Logic Cube.

The player can click on the three green rectangular buttons around the cube to see the objects, suspects, and locations up close to get a better look at them. If the player accidentally removes blocks that they didn't want to, they can press the undo button. A whole set of blocks can also be restored by selecting the appropriate tab and using the restore button. All of the blocks in the Logic Cube can be restored by pressing the Reset button.

When you have narrowed the list down to one suspect, one object, and one location, you are ready to present your case. If you are correct, the object will be returned to the elder who will bring it back to the treasure room.

In the original release, If your suspicions are misdirected, you will need to begin your investigation again. In the newer release, If your suspicions are misdirected, you have an opportunity to review the information you’ve uncovered and make a second accusation. If your second accusation is incorrect, you will need to begin your investigation again.


  • In the original release of The ClueFinders Math Adventures, Santiago states that he was the one who installed the Logic Cube onto Laptrap.