Golden Keys are a type of item that the ClueFinders use during their quest in The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: Mystery of Mathra.

In the GameEdit

Legend has it that long ago, the ancient Numerians were forced to flee their city because of the monster Mathra. They locked the city gate with a golden key, which they split into two pieces. Then those two pieces were hidden away in puzzles in two corners of the Numerian rain forest, with the intent of granting only the wise and worthy to re-enter the city.

After Joni's uncle Dr. Horace Pythagoras is seemingly kidnapped by Mathra, Joni and Santiago set out to find the two keys. Before he disappeared, Dr. Pythagoras recorded the locations of the two keys onto LapTrap, which are indicated on his map of Numeria. One is at the center of the Rings of Fire in the Monkey Kingdom, and the other is at the top of Goo Falls in the Goo Lagoon. Each key is inside of a cave with a set of instructions that must be followed in order to reveal the key. After obtaining the two keys and making it to the Lost City gates, Joni and Santiago take the two keys out of the backpack. Each key levitates in the air before combining into one key, and the single key unlocks the gate to the Lost City.

The Golden Keys along with other golden artifacts are stored in the fourth pocket of Joni's backpack.