The Flabberwock is a creature who lives in the Monkey Kingdom.


The Flabberwock's arms are the only part of it which are ever seen, which are green with claws, and seem somewhat reptilian.


The Flabberwock seems to be frequently hungry and angry.

In the GameEdit

Queen Itchybella is the owner of the Flabberwock, and she dotes him quite a bit, affectionately referring to him as "Flabby dear". However, there is a strict feeding schedule in place for the Flabberwock, and his feeding dates are marked on a calendar. When the ClueFinders encounter Queen Itchybella and the Flabberwock, the marker has fallen off the calendar, and the Flabberwock wants to know when his next feeding day is. If the ClueFinders find the right date, Queen Itchybella will tell the Flabberwock that it is not a feeding day, to which he seems disappointed.

The Flabberwock can sometimes be seen grabbing and eating a passing rat when clicked on. He can also roar and scare Joni, Santiago, and LapTrap to death, which also happens when placing the marker on the incorrect date.


  • The Flabberwock's name is a play on "Jabberwock", the name of a character created by Lewis Carroll.