Fixnupan is a mouse who is a construction worker.


Fixnupan has blueish fur, a pale blue snout, and a bright pink nose. His body is fairly bulky and he has a large chin. He wears a purple striped headdress and a matching Shendyt, an orange tool belt with a yellow buckle which holds a screwdriver and a wrench, and yellow bracelets. He is constantly seen holding a large grayish mug.


Fixnupan is a casual, easy-going kind of mouse who considers himself to be a master builder. He wants to build elaborate temples with modern amenities such as a fifty-car garage and a stereo system.

In the GameEdit

The ClueFinders must collect gems from Fixnupan and the other mice in the Nile Kingdom in order to enter an obelisk. Fixnupan will give gems as payment for helping him with his construction.