Crabalocks are a species of bird that live in the Goo Lagoon.


Crabalocks have dark red feathers, yellow serrated beaks, and yellow feet.


Not much is known about the temperament of the Crabalocks under normal circumstances, but it is shown that they become quite vicious after drinking goo that has been polluted.

In the GameEdit

While exploring the Goo Lagoon, the ClueFinders encounter the Vine trying to lock a violent Crabalock in a chest so as to avoid getting attacked. Some other Crabalocks can be seen drinking goo from the lagoon in the background of the activity. Crabalocks also regularly appear in other areas of the lagoon, where they can usually be seen flying through the trees in the background.


  • The Crabalocks' name is likely derived from the "crabalocker fishwife" line from the Beatles song, "I Am the Walrus".