AliTrap is a computer who accompanies the ClueFinders.


AliTrap has a spherical body that is yellow on the top half and yellow-orange on the bottom half. She has a yellow antenna sticking straight up from the top of her head, two oval-shaped eyes with black pupils, and black eyebrows.


AliTrap is shown to have a somewhat playful and child-like personality, such as happily exclaiming that she loves toys, and getting excited about seeing a large lollipop and begging to have it. She is also shown to be intelligent, as demonstrated when she senses the chemical in the lab to be safe, and determines how many hours would it take to collect so much candy in one store.

In the GameEdit

AliTrap accompanies Santiago and Leslie into Ultimate Toys. She provides access to options and game settings, just as LapTrap does in most games. LapTrap is able to upload information to AliTrap, and vice-versa.